Additional Services

Convenient, accessible and secure. Synergy's additional services can save you time and help you make life just a little simpler.

Safety Deposit Box

Protect your valuables in a safe, secure and professional environment. More

Bank Drafts

A secure and easily negotiable cheque that is great for sending larger Canadian and U.S. payments. More

Cash Management Service

If you're like most businesses, managing your cash - or "cash flow" - will be one of your most important and ongoing challenges. We can take a look at your situation and ensure you are on the right track with your strategy. More

Night Depository Services

Do you hate waiting in lines to make your agricultural business deposits? Here's a quick and convenient option that may save you time. More

Foreign Exchange Service

We offer a wide variety of tools and services to meet your foreign exchange payment needs. More

Money and Wire Transfer Services

Need to send cash, make a payment or transfer funds? We have a wide variety of options for you. More

Agriculture Planning Services

Credential Financial Strategies Inc. understands the time and effort it has taken to build and grow your business. We will help you create and implement an Integrated Business Insurance Plan customized to your business. A plan as unique as your business. More

Payroll Services

Employees are protected by very strictly-enforced regulations on you as the employer. Doing payroll correctly - especially meeting all of your obligations regarding tax deductions, holiday pay, etc. - can be a major, ongoing burden on your time. For that reason, many employers turn to a professional payroll service that can save them time, money, and headaches down the line. Talk to Synergy about the payroll services that can best fit your needs, as well as those that can make the process go smoother for your business. We understand things can get busy. Our CAFT system solution may assist your business and ag operation in saving time and making your payroll run more smoothly for you. More

Customize Your Statements

Do you want to receive all of your statements in one envelope, instead of five? We have great news! You can customize your statements to be linked so some are together and some are separate, or have them all come together as a package. More