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Digital Banking
Welcome to your digital branch.
An efficient and effortless way to manage your finances, providing you with a comprehensive range of options. Discover the potential of our services and embark on a seamless digital banking experience with us.

Download the Synergy CU mobile app today.

Whether you're on your computer or using our mobile app, you'll find unmatched control, convenience, and customization. From a dynamic dashboard and effortless bill payments to secure fund transfers and transaction management, every facet of your financial life is now within easy reach. Explore innovative tools like Money Manager and Debit Card Management, empowering you to take control of your finances.

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Money Manager

Synergy Credit Union's Money Manager allows you to see, manage and understand your money all from one place. This innovative personal financial management tool lets you take control of your money right within your Digital Banking from any of your devices. It all begins with linking your financial accounts to provide you with a complete 360 view of your finances.

Learn more about Money Manager's intuitive tools such as budgeting, spending, and more, coupled with helpful demo videos, make managing your finances a breeze.

Digital Banking Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions to learn how to get the most out of your digital banking experience.

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Debit Card Management

Debit Card Management is the ultimate in card security, offering you greater control over your finances and peace of mind.

In your online banking or Synergy CU mobile app, you can:

  • Lock/unlock your debit card(s).
  • Lock/unlock transactions in select provinces and territories.
  • Lock/unlock POS transactions within Canada.
  • Lock/unlock international POS transactions outside Canada.
  • Lock/unlock ATM transactions within Canada.
  • Lock/unlock international ATM transactions outside Canada.
  • Lock/unlock contactless payments and smart card transactions (NFC and tap).
  • Set worldwide ATM and POS "per-transaction" limits.
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