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Welcome to our Business and Ag Financial Centre (BAFC), where your financial needs take center stage! We pride ourselves on understanding the distinct requirements of local businesses, farmers, and medical and business professionals. Whether you're seeking comprehensive business banking solutions, strategic borrowing options, investment opportunities, or specialized financial expertise, we're here to cater to your every need. Join us on a journey of financial empowerment and unlock the endless possibilities that lie ahead!

Introducing the Business and Ag Financial Centre Team

Beyond being financial advisors, we are your allies on the path to financial success. Trust is at the core of our relationship, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure you feel right at home with our team. Curious to learn more about our exceptional individuals and their expertise in guiding you towards your financial goals? Click on their images and discover the wealth of knowledge and support they bring to the table.

Karen Hilts

Sr. Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Brett Hotchkiss

Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Raven Luchinski

Account Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Lexi Marchadour

BSc - AgBus
Sr. Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Heidi Mark

Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Kaley McLeod

B. Sc. Ag., ACUIC
Manager | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Sydney Payne

Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Jessica Retzleff

Account Advisor & Analyst | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Ron Thompson

Sr. Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Jenna Wall

Sr. Advisor | Business and Ag Financial Centre

Business and Ag Branch Team

Embark on success with our extensive branch network—a testament to our commitment to fueling your growth. Whether you're steering your business, securing financial support, or safeguarding investments, we're your dedicated ally. Click or tap on the images below to explore profiles of experts ready to amplify your financial journey.

Nadine Wilson

Branch Business & Ag Advisor | Synergy Credit Union
Mutual Fund Investment Specialist | Aviso Wealth

Jordan Heffner

Branch Business & Ag Advisor

Jennifer Tomlinson

Branch Business & Ag Advisor

Jessie Whitney

Branch Business & Ag Advisor

Marissa Gray

Branch Business & Ag Advisor

Anthony Adeseiye

Branch Business & Ag Sr. Advisor
New Community Branch

Jensen Attrux

Account Advisor & Analyst
New Community Branch

Darren Doepker

Manager, Business Advisory Services
New Community Branch

Solutions for Growth and Success

Unlock the full potential of your business or ag operation with our comprehensive range of products, services, and expert advice. Whether you're aiming for growth, efficiency, or success in any aspect, we have everything you need to elevate your operations to the next level.

Business & Ag Account Packs

Managing the cash side of your business has never been easier! We provide a range of flexible accounts, along with innovative tools and services designed to streamline your day-to-day operations.

Business & Ag Loans

Boost your business with the power of cash flow! As an entrepreneur, farmer, or agribusiness owner, you know the importance of timely access to the right lending products. Whether you're a beginner, seeking financial efficiency, or aiming to grow, we've got you covered.

Business & Ag Mortgages

We understand that finding the right mortgage is crucial for your financial success. That's why we offer a range of commercial mortgages and loan insurance options that can be customized to suit your specific requirements.
Sample of Synergy CU Collabria business credit cards

Business Credit Cards

From cash back on your everyday purchases to valuable travel insurance benefits, we have a Mastercard® to fit your business.

Transform the way you manage payroll and payables.

Say goodbye to tedious compliance tasks and hello to a seamless payment processing platform. With Customer Automated Funds Transfer (CAFT), you can easily move money between Canadian financial institutions, make direct deposit payments for payroll, and pay your payables and collect receivables hassle-free. Focus on what matters most - building your business and supporting your team - while CAFT takes care of the rest.

Financial Support for Business Members

What's New?

The CEBA extension eligibility criteria and repayment dates have recently been updated. If you already have a CEBA loan with Synergy Credit Union, it's essential to stay informed about these changes. Be sure to check your email for the most detailed and personalized information regarding your loan.

Explore Further

Please visit for additional insights and resources on the Canada Emergency Business Account.

Nuggets of Knowledge

Owning a business comes with challenges, but we're here to help you succeed. Our resources provide valuable insights, practical tips, and expert advice to navigate entrepreneurship and achieve your goals.

Focused on Success: D&A Optometry’s Growth Story with Synergy Credit Union

Dr. Darren Philips, owner of D&A Optometry, shares his experience with Synergy Credit Union. Following the relocation of his clinic to a new space in October 2023, they've aimed to offer a comprehensive eye care experience, encompassing exams, contact lens fittings, emergency care, and even a retail optical service.

Their decision to partner with Synergy Credit Union arose from a need for tailored financial services and effective communication during this transition period. Synergy's personalized care and prompt assistance have surpassed expectations, greatly aiding in the establishment of their new clinic. Dr. Philips attributes their success to Synergy's understanding of their specific financial needs, their provision of financial support, and their ability to minimize fees.

Dr. Philips emphasizes that without Synergy, they wouldn't have been able to create their beautiful new space or deliver top-notch patient care. Synergy's attentive approach and understanding of their financial requirements have been instrumental in their success.

Inspired by our Members

We are delighted to highlight some of the incredible businesses and farmers that make our communities flourish. At Synergy Credit Union, we are committed to supporting local economies, and we take pride in being inspired by our members' dedication and hard work. Through this spotlight, we hope to shine a light on the incredible impact that our members have on the communities we serve.

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