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Living our commitment

You matter to us and where you live matters to us, too. This is why we invest in your community and do all we can to strengthen you, your family and your business financially. We do this by offering products, tools and services to help you prosper. We put our money where our mouth is by offering sponsorships, donations and scholarships. We also get involved in the things you care about and strive to be a good corporate citizen that genuinely lives the cooperative principle of improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.

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Synergy Shares

We’re proud to be a local financial institution that is deeply invested in the communities and people we serve. One of the ways we show this commitment is by sharing our profits through projects and scholarships to make life better where we live.

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Giving back to our communities is a value and commitment that guides us every day, whether it's providing financial support to groups or organizations or showing up ready to work at local events in the cities and towns that we serve.

Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Camp

Also known as Co-op Camp or SCYP, the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program is a summer camp session for youth ages 12 to 18. We’re proud to support youth in our communities as they experience personal growth that results from participating in SCYP.

"I was raised in a small prairie town and grew up depositing at my local credit union. From special birthday money to my first pay cheque, the credit union played an important role.

When I moved to this market, I looked for a credit union. Synergy has treated me with respect and dignity from day one, and I've never forgotten it.”

- Kristine Knourek

Financial Literacy for Everyone

We actively connect with any group that is looking to improve their financial literacy. Our presentation is relaxed and interactive. It can be tailored to educate people of all ages and backgrounds, including youth groups, seniors homes, families, parents, school boards and college open houses. Led by our Synergy Emerging Leaders, the presenters keep audiences of all sizes and ages interested and engaged.

Topics covered include:
  • budgeting basics
  • loan basics
  • boosting your credit score
  • protecting yourself from identity theft
  • managing the impact of inflation and much more
If you’re not able to attend a session in person, but are still interested in learning more about how to improve your financial literacy, sign up for a free, interactive online session at our ‘It’s a Money Thing’ academy.
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