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Living our commitment

You matter to us and where you live matters to us, too. This is why we invest in your community and do all we can to strengthen you, your family and your business financially. We do this by offering products, tools and services to help you prosper. We put our money where our mouth is by offering sponsorships, donations and scholarships. We also get involved in the things you care about and strive to be a good corporate citizen that genuinely lives the cooperative principle of improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Second Bounce Documentary

Health is about more than physical wellbeing. Even for elite athletes. Second Bounce, a documentary produced by Two-Fold Productions, will peel back the layers of the journey of the Lakeland Rustlers Women’s Basketball team in 2022. Personalities connect and collide as a diverse group of female athletes battle personal obstacles post-pandemic as they defend their title and vie for redemption at nationals.

We are committed to the increased financial and mental wellbeing of our members and community, and we see this as an opportunity to highlight that message through the incredible storytelling involved in Second Bounce. 

“It is another way for us to reach our members and non-members with the message to make sure you are taking care of yourself in a holistic manner – mentally, physically, financially. It all matters,” said Synergy CEO Glenn Stang.

Synergy Shares Highlights

Through our unique Synergy Shares Program, we invest in our communities and fund tools to support projects that improve community value, health care, financial literacy, and enhance local initiatives. Our staff members are passionate volunteers who extend everyday acts of kindness as part of their jobs.
Each year up to 5% of Synergy’s pre-tax profit will be set aside to fund this valuable initiative. This year, Synergy committed just over $1 million into the communities we serve through the Synergy Shares program.

Synergy Credit Union donation to LCHS

  • $200,000: Lloydminster Catholic School Division expansion project, including the new Indigenous Resource Centre and the Synergy Studios multimedia classroom.
  • $40,000: The Synergy Aquatic Centre in Macklin.
  • $10,000: The Macklin & District Fire/Rescue towards their rescue tool replacement project.
  • $50,000: Lloydminster Region Health Foundation’s Gift to Health, which is earmarked for a Mobile Digital Radiography Unit.

Read more on how Synergy Credit union is helping to build sustainable communities on page 20 of our 2021 Annual report.

Download the report

Let's Get Social

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"I was raised in a small prairie town and grew up depositing at my local credit union. From special birthday money to my first pay cheque, the credit union played an important role.

When I moved to this market, I looked for a credit union. Synergy has treated me with respect and dignity from day one, and I've never forgotten it.”

- Kristine Knourek

Financial Literacy for Everyone

We actively connect with any group that is looking to improve their financial literacy. Our presentation is relaxed and interactive. It can be tailored to educate people of all ages and backgrounds, including youth groups, seniors homes, families, parents, school boards and college open houses. Led by our Synergy Emerging Leaders, the presenters keep audiences of all sizes and ages interested and engaged.

Topics covered include:
  • budgeting basics
  • loan basics
  • boosting your credit score
  • protecting yourself from identity theft
  • managing the impact of inflation and much more
If you’re not able to attend a session in person, but are still interested in learning more about how to improve your financial literacy, sign up for a free, interactive online session at our ‘It’s a Money Thing’ Academy.
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