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Synergy Shares Scholarship

“Strong communities build strong people; Strong people become great leaders; Great leaders build stronger communities.” This is a quote that our CEO Glenn Stang will often say. And we believe in it. We are committed to supporting our members to help build them up into great leaders. Our scholarship support is one of many ways we help to do that.

Synergy Shares Program

We’re proud to be a local financial institution that is deeply invested in the communities we serve. One of the ways we show this commitment is by sharing our profits with projects and make life better where we live.

Synergy Shares Program

We support local businesses from main street retail to large enterprises and agricultural operations of all sizes. We recognize that it’s people like you at the centre of everything that makes our communities work, so we want to have a positive impact on where you live. That’s why we give back a percentage of our pre-tax profits each year to local community organizations through our Synergy Shares program. 

Synergy shares program

We support projects and programs that:
    • sustain, improve and grow the communities where we have a presence
    • support financial wellness, including scholarships and financial literacy programs
    • sustain and improve health care
    • support local initiatives within the community

Please note that we don’t donate to any of the following:
    • organizations that discriminate against religion, race, culture, gender and lifestyle
    • funding for operating expenses
    • for-profit organizations
    • unregistered organizations
    • political organizations and campaigns
    • advocacy or lobbying organizations
    • religious group, events or projects
    • individual pursuits
    • travel funding and/or team funding
    • private foundations
    • multiple contributions to the same organization in the same fiscal year​

Levels of funding

Level 1

  • apply for funding of $5,000 and less
  • allow a timeline of up to one (1) month for collaboration between Synergy Credit Union and you, the applicant

Level 2

  • apply for funding from $5,001 to $25,000
  • allow a timeline of up to three (3) months for collaboration between Synergy Credit Union and you, the applicant

Level 3

  • apply for funding from $25,001 to $99,999
  • allow a timeline of up to six (6) months for collaboration between Synergy Credit Union and you, the applicant
Please contact us for funding requests greater than $100,000.


An additional part of our Synergy Shares Scholarship program is our commitment to an annual scholarship fund that helps local high school and college students further their education at a college, university or technical school.

To apply for a scholarship through this fund, you are encouraged to connect with your school's guidance counsellor.

The scholarship will be announced at each high school’s award event or graduation ceremony. If you’re chosen, we’ll send you the funds when we receive confirmation of your full-time enrolment. If you choose not to attend post-secondary school full-time within one year of the award, the scholarship will be forfeited.

If you attend high school or college in a participating community, you can apply to receive one of these annual scholarships through the school. The Selection Committee chooses the scholarship recipients based on:

  • academic achievement
  • school and community involvement
  • leadership responsibilities within the school community
  • personal qualities consistent with good citizenship

Synergy Credit Union scholarships are available through the following:

  • Hillmond Central School
  • Kindersley Great Plains College
  • Kindersley Composite School
  • Lashburn High School
  • Lloydminster Lakeland College
  • Lloydminster Comprehensive High School
  • Lloydminster Holy Rosary High School
  • Macklin School
  • Maidstone Comprehensive High School
  • Marsden Jubilee School
  • Marshall School
  • Neilburg Composite School
  • Paradise Hill School
  • St. Walburg School
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