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Rates & Fees

Unlock financial empowerment with Synergy Credit Union’s rates. We want you to succeed, so we’ll always provide the most competitive rates we can. But a great rate is just the first step in reaching your financial goals. Combine it with products and advice that put your best interests first, and you’ll discover what it means to be empowered with your money. It’s just one of the ways we keep our promise to help grow prosperity for you, our local businesses, and our communities.

Featured Rates

Simplicity Mortgage (insured)


Non-registered Term Deposit


Registered Term Deposit


*Rates are subject to change without notice.

Prime and Loan Rates

Prime Rate

Student Loan


Unauthorized overdraft rate is 26.00%
*Rates are subject to change without notice

"The credit union has helped with every aspect of our lives that have ever needed funding. Student loans, lines of credit, business help, mortgages. They are always there to help us.

- Holly Fleming


When we profit, so do you. It's part of what makes us different. Last year, more than $6.5 million went back to our members.

Each year, up to 20% of Synergy’s pre-tax profits are allocated to our members’ ProfitShares accounts. Once members reach a certain balance in their ProfitShares accounts, they receive a cash payout to their personal accounts. Just for doing their day-to-day business with the credit union.
Examples of ProfitShares allocation:

  • 2% to Borrowers
    A $325,000 residential super mortgage at 3.25% would have paid interest of $10,562 per year. At the 2021 allocation rate of 2% (2% X $10,562 = $211), this would equate to Profit Sharing of $211 (which is like receiving an interest rebate of 0.07%). Your adjusted interest rate paid would be 3.18%.
  • 7% to Savers
    A $100,000 term deposit at 1.00% would earn $1,000 interest per year. At the 2021 allocation rate of 7%, (7% X $1,000 = $70) this would equate to Profit Sharing of $70 (which is like receiving a bonus interest rate of 0.07%). Your adjusted interest rate received would be 1.07%.
  • 1% Share Dividend
    If a member had $4,000 in their ProfitShares account on December 31st, they will receive a 1% dividend of $40 ($4,000 X 1% = $40).
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