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Your digital banking experience is all about you. Upload photos and customize your favourites while doing all the things you’ve come to expect from banking digitally. If you need a hand navigating through features and want a better understanding of how to do something new, we’ve put together some interactive video demos to help you along the way.

Getting Started with Digital Banking

Male contractor looking at phone

Getting started with digital banking

Never used digital (online) banking before? That's okay! Check out this interactive demo on how a new user signs up to use our new digital banking platform.
Female sitting working on her laptop

Signing in as an existing user

Even the pros can use assistance sometimes. Try our interactive demo on how an existing user signs up to use our new digital banking platform.

Managing Accounts

Father and son talking outside in the fall

Reset forgotten password

Learn how to quickly and easily reset your password using our mobile app.

Favourite transactions

Do you transfer money to the same account or another Synergy member frequently? Setting a transaction up as a favourite can save you time.
Professional woman on laptop

Set up alerts

Using alerts helps you stay up-to-date on your account information and can help protect your account from fraud.

Making Transfers & Payments

Female outside looking at phone holding coffee

Add a contact and send an INTERAC e-Transfer®

Learn how to add a contact and send an INTERAC e-Transfer using our mobile app or online banking.
Smiling female holding phone and coffee in a park

Accept an INTERAC e-Transfer

Learn how to accept an INTERAC e-Transfer that’s been sent to you.
Female business owner on the phone

Cancel an INTERAC e-Transfer

Learn how to cancel an INTERAC e-Transfer before it’s deposited by your recipient.
farmer in field looking at phone

Transfer funds to another Synergy member

You can easily transfer money to other Synergy members and set up short-cuts for future transfers.
Person taking picture of a cheque with phone

Deposit a cheque using your smartphone

Discover how easy it is to deposit a cheque to your Synergy account using your smartphone camera.
Young couple smiling while looking at bills at their laptop on a couch

Set up bill payee and pay bills

Adding new payees is easy with our new digital banking platform. And paying bills is easy, too.
Female on couch looking at paperwork

Set up a recurring bill payment

See how easy it is to set up recurring payments in our new digital banking platform.
Man posing in front of semi

Make business tax payments

Making payments to CRA for your business taxes is simple with our digital banking platform.

Small Business

Male business owner smiling

Profile consolidation

Switch between your business and personal accounts with the click of a mouse or tap of a finger.
Two ladies standing in a field

Create and manage delegates

Discover how easy it is to view and manage all delegate roles for your business.
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