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Financial Literacy

Your financial well-being depends on your ability to understand how your money works beyond day-to-day spending. We’re here to help you be financially empowered, make smart money decisions and be positioned for wealth and well-being at every stage of your life.

What we do for our members and communities goes way beyond banking. We believe that helping you to prosper also means truly supporting you on your journey to becoming your own best financial advocate. This belief is a big part of our motivation to build It’s a Money Thing Academy , a set of free online money education courses that you can access at your convenience.

Financial Literacy Team

Your Financial Literacy Team is committed to providing communities with financial education to help build knowledge and skills to understand their money.

Advice Centre

To make sense of your finances, it's crucial to have pertinent information on a range of topics such as smart borrowing, growing savings, money management, financial literacy, owning a home, and more.

Financial Literacy for Everyone

We actively connect with any group that is looking to improve their financial literacy. Our presentation is relaxed and interactive. It can be tailored to educate people of all ages and backgrounds, including youth groups, seniors homes, families, parents, school boards and college open houses. Led by our Synergy Emerging Leaders, the presenters keep audiences of all sizes and ages interested and engaged.

Topics covered include:
  • budgeting basics
  • loan basics
  • boosting your credit score
  • protecting yourself from identity theft
  • managing the impact of inflation and much more
If you’re not able to attend a session in person, but are still interested in learning more about how to improve your financial literacy, sign up for a free, interactive online session at our ‘It’s a Money Thing’ Academy.
Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness

Financial problems are one of the largest contributors to personal stress. When employees are financially secure, they are more productive, which means that they miss less work, are more focused and more effective in their roles. Helping your employees take control of their personal finances is a beautiful thing. We are here to help by offering Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness.

In our Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness program, your employees will be empowered to take control of their personal finances through both traditional benefit plans and increased financial literacy to help them achieve long-term financial success and stability.

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