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Safeguarding your privacy

As a member of Synergy Credit Union, you trust us with sensitive information. Nothing is more important to us than protecting it. It’s why we’ve built - and live by - a robust code designed to safeguard your privacy. We also empower you to decide how you want to communicate with us and protect your information when it’s outside of our control, specifically in online channels.

While it makes us happy to connect with you electronically to serve you better or to tell you about special rates, promotions and events we’re offering, we won’t do it without your consent. And once you give it, you can always take it back. It’s all up to you.
Your trust means everything to us. Maintaining that trust is our highest priority. This includes being crystal clear about how we collect, use or disclose your information and protect your right to control it. Our Privacy Code outlines this commitment to you.
Your personal and financial information is completely safe and secure within Synergy’s banking system. It’s important that you understand how your information is used when you utilize our digital (online) banking.
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