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Coop Camp: July 6, 2021

June 18: Co-op Camp is back!

Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program's Co-op Camp is hittin' the road this summer! Their first stop is Lloydminster! Check out the details:
  • Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
  • Ages: 12-18
  • Camp fees: $60 (Includes all supplies and lunch)
  • Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Sounds like fun, right?
Jen with Turtle playing the Shell Game

June 18: Financial Literacy Friday

In case you haven’t heard, compound interest is the best. You may remember it as an equation you had to memorize for math class, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the concept that powers all sorts of savings and investment products and, over time, allows you to turn your money into, well, more money!
Protect Your Mortgage: Family and couple moving into a home

June 15: Blog Tips Tuesday

Your home is a place where memories are created; it is a place to watch children grow, to celebrate life and a place to support each other during times of sorrow. What would you do if you had to sell your home due to an unexpected event?
Member Wellness Monday: Gender Identity

June 14: Member Wellness Monday

"Gender identity has expanded over the decades from the mainstream view that gender identity is a simple binary that corresponds to a person’s biological sex. Instead, it is more understood that gender identity is the way a person identifies themselves." Check out this article will provide some helpful resources to educate yourself further about gender identity.

June 13: Employee Spotlight

Meet Jennifer! She has 23 years of experience in consumer, business and agricultural lending. Outside of work, she spends most of her time involved in the community, including the Community Hall Board, bingo at the seniors' centre, Lashburn Day, Lashburn fall supper, the Salvation Army Kettle campaign and Agri-Visions.

June 12: Get the most of your RRSP

Keep the life you love after retiring, by making your best investment decisions. Find out how with our learning resources.

June 12: Save 50%

Earn 50% more reward points when you spend on restaurants and takeout. Valid on selected cards.

June 11: Financial Literacy Friday!

A reason lots of people avoid budgeting is because they think it means giving up everything they love and converting to a super-frugal lifestyle. Or they might be scared they’ll discover that they’ve been spending lots of money on the “wrong” things.

Budgeting is not meant to shame you into being financially responsible. At the end of the day, budgeting is simply about awareness.

June 10: Synergy Shares Program

We're proud to support the The Lloydminster Comprehensive High School Addition and Renovation Project, part of the Six Major Capital Stimulus Projects by the Saskatchewan government in 2020. The project will increase the size of the school 900 students to 1,400!

We've signed on as the fieldhouse’s naming rights sponsor for the next 10 years and will contribute $500,000 towards the project!
smartpack: friends having drinks

June 9: SmartPack

Did you know our SmartPack is so convenient, it will automatically adjust between three levels each month based on your balance and account activity? Yup, that's right! That means you will always get the best deal every single month, saving you time and money.

June 8: Blog Tips Tuesday

If you’re like most Canadians, you have some personal debt, and you’re thinking about ways to reduce it quickly...And most say their number one financial goal is to pay down their debt more quickly. So if getting rid of debt is important to you, what do you do?
Member Wellness Monday: Youth Mental Health

June 7: Member Wellness Monday

"Younger generations have a higher level of mental health literacy than previous generations. They are more aware of the realities of mental illness and they are also more willing to seek help." Learn how you can help Youth Mental Health and setting future generations up for success.

June 6: Qtrade

Get Qtrade now and start investing with more knowledge, tools, and resources on your side.

June 6: Employee Spotlight

Meet Michelle. She has 25 years of experience in the financial services industry — including 10 years in the credit union system.

She enjoys being involved in the community and has volunteered at Relay for Life, Synergy-sponsored events, such as AgriVision and Here Comes Santa Claus Day, as well as Synergy-sponsored bingo at the Tighnduin Home in Lashburn.
CEO message with Glenn Stang with Pride flag

June 4: CEO Message

"We are proud to be the official sponsor of the second annual Pride Walk 2021 on June 20, officially kicking off Lloyd Pride 2021."
credit squirrel the Jen

June 4: Boost Your Credit Score

Credit scores are an area of personal finance that seem a lot more mysterious than they actually are. Many people believe that improving them is a matter of trial and error and, as a result, there’s a lot of “credit score advice” floating around that can end up doing more harm than good. Check out this video and article for 4 common credit score myths debunked.
Join our team: advisor on web call

June 3: Join our Team

We’re seeking people who are deeply motivated to learn about our customers (members), help them articulate and achieve their goals, and celebrate alongside them when goals are reached.
Summer rain storm in prairies

June 3: Financial Wellness Winner

Congrats to May's Financial Wellness winner Jeremy Dach! Jeremy wins $300 towards a certified personal trainer or a life coach.
Blog Tips Tuesday: 3 tips about mortgage renewal

June 1: Blog Tips Tuesday

Time to renew your mortgage?
CEO message with Glenn Stang

June 1: CEO Message

"This weekend we learned about an unmarked grave containing the remains of 215 children from the formal residential school in Tk’emlups te Secwepemc territory near Kamloops, B.C. My heart goes out to all Indigenous Peoples - parents, grandparents, brother and sisters, impacted by these actions."

June 1: 2.14% Mortgage Rate

Ready to move? Are you looking at different mortgage options? Have you checked out our mortgage rates? We're excited to offer 5- year mortgage at 2.14%!
Member Wellness Monday: Photos of mentorship relationships

May 31: Member Wellness Monday

"A mentoring relationship can be a valuable development experience for both the mentor and the mentee. Studies show that mentoring creates a culture of continuous improvement that encourages employees to perform better so they can advance more quickly and get more satisfaction from work." Here are some ways workplace mentorship can keep employees engaged, connected and productive from LifeWorks from Morneau Shepell.

Male Student

May 30: Synergy Shares with Students

Hey Students! Have you applied for the Synergy Shares Scholarship yet? You can receive up to $4,000 ($1,000 annually) for your post-secondary education...and we're giving away two! Sounds pretty sweet, right? Apply now, because tomorrow is the last day.

May 30: Employee Spotlight

Meet Melissa! Her credit union experience began in 2003 and has held a variety of positions including her current role, Account Manager. Away from work, she’s active in the community as part of the #Kindersley Legion. Reach out to Melissa today for all your consumer, business and agriculture lending needs.
Synergy Shapshots; kayaking at the lake; child in the leaves

May 30: #SynergyShapshots

Have you seen your local #synergysnapshots on our website? Check them out and don't forget to upload your local photo to help us decorate our site just like Marilee Ference!
Portfolio analytics tools for the DIY investor

May 29: Qtrade

Worried about #volatility and your #risk exposure? Worry no more with @QtradeInvestor advanced #portfolio analytics tools: Portfolio Score™, Portfolio Simulator™ and Portfolio Creator™.

May 28: Foiling Identify Theft

Identity theft is nothing new, and yet it still manages to cost its victims billions of dollars (yes, that’s billions with a “b”) globally each year—not to mention the time and hassle involved in recovering a stolen identity. The good news is that there are tons of things you can do to deter identity thieves.
Synergy Shares with Students; youth holding books

May 28: Synergy Share Scholarships

Have you applied for the Synergy Shares Scholarship yet? The deadline is May 31.
PS. You could receive up to $4,000 towards you post-secondary education ($1,000 annually).

May 27: Celebrating 1st Quarter 2021 Long Service Awards

We're excited to celebrate our Long Service Recognitions - totaling 50 years of dedicated service! WOW! Congratulations to our staff who achieved amazing milestones in 1st Quarter 2021!
Summer is better with 5.9% on balance transfers. Man on phone sitting on a bench.

May 26: Get a Synergy Collabria Card today!

Zero transfer fees on balance transfers, plus only 5.9% on your balances whenever you transfer from another non-Synergy Collabria credit card.

May 26: Banking Made Simple

Our SmartPack is so convenient, that it will automatically adjust between three levels each month based on your balance and account activity. That means you will always get the best deal every single month, saving you money.

May 25: 6 Ways to Get More With Your Mortgage

While the interest rate is certainly one factor in a mortgage decision, it should never be the only thing to consider. Here are six other things that can save you money and future potential hassle.
Member Wellness Monday: achieving goals

May 24: Achieving your Goals

Have a goal? Need a little help achieving your goal? Here are 4 tips from LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell.

May 21: What is a credit score?

You’ve likely heard about credit scores before (thanks to all those commercials with terrible jingles), but what do you actually know about them? How long have they been around? And what’s the deal with checking them?
Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt: Two kids investigating footprints

May 20: Goose Chase Winners

#Throwback to April break when the Synergy Emerging Leaders hosted a online financial literacy scavenger hunt Goose Chase for kids! Thank you to all who participated, we hope you had fun, and learned a little too! Congrats to all the winners.

May 18: Blog Tips Tuesday

Simple or Super mortgage? Both mortgages have their cost-effective advantages. More than anything else, your personal situation will determine which mortgage gives you more of an advantage. So let’s have a closer look, and then you can decide.

May 17: Member Wellness Monday

"Taking care of your emotional state is part of self-care and sometimes all it takes is slowing down and taking a couple of minutes to focus on your breath." Join heartbeat in this deep breathing exercise.

May 15: Employee Spotlight - Christie McIvor

Meet Christie! As an Account Manager Supervisor in #Kindersley, Christie enjoys finding solutions that work for you today! Away from work, she’s been a member of the Eston 95 Lions club for 17 years and has managed various hockey teams throughout the years. Contact Christie to get started on consumer, business and agriculture lending. 

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