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"The Credit Union has been with me every step of the way.... from my first job as a teenager, building my house, a borrowing account for my business, helping when we were settling my Dad's estate and mortgage renewals with ease and great rates."

- Nicole, 38+ year member


Let's Spend $20.22 Together

The Member Rewards Support Local challenge closed Sunday, December 12, but there's more to come! Thank you for supporting local businesses and charities in our communities. 


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You're not a customer when you join us. You become a member, an owner, a VIP.

January 16: We are currently recruiting for a Manager of Marketing Services

As the Manager of Marketing Services, you will provide inspired marketing leadership to the organization in a way that ensures alignment of marketing to strategy and enablement for other areas of the organization. Plus, take a look at our other career opportunities:
  • Member Advisor in Maidstone
  • Financial Services Advisors in Kindersley, Maidstone, Paradise Hill and St. Walburg.

January 14: Financial Literacy Friday

Choosing a path to pursue after graduation can leave you feeling directionless. Here are some factors to consider, whether you’re thinking of hitting the books or the job market after graduating.
Wealth Wednesday

January 12: Good habits can help you invest for your retirement

"We are what we repeatedly do," said Aristotle. "Excellence comes not from our actions but from our habits."

Good habits can help you be a better investor, and these five good habits can help you successfully invest for retirement.
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January 10: Reflection & Planning Workbook

Check out this Reflection and Planning Workbook from Mindful Employer Canada. Use this workbook to support you! Look back at how far you've come, and visualize where your journey will take you next.

January 8: We're looking for a Member Advisor in Maidstone

Our Member Advisors are an essential part of our team. As the first point of contact, they create a friendly and professional experience, fulfilling requests and transactions as well as offering products and services to meet members’ needs. We're looking for a Member Advisor in Maidstone.

January 7: Let's Talk Taxes

You just got your paycheque. Your eyes scan down the list of deductions and settle on the most important part—your take-home pay. You take that number and start subtracting your bills, your day-to-day purchases, or that expensive item you’ve got your eye on. However, hiding in the often-overlooked payroll withholdings, you may find some untapped potential.
Blog Tips Tuesday

January 4: 5 easy ways to save at the grocery store

Do you know how much you spend on groceries each month? Most likely it is one of your biggest expenses.

January 3: The Top 3 Skills for 2022: Resilience, Empathy, and Emotional Intelligence

A lot has changed in the past year. It’s safe to say we’ve faced more personal and professional changes in the last 365 days than perhaps at any other point in our lives. Most years, as we look to the year ahead, we ask ourselves: “where do I want to be by this time next year? This year we challenge you to think differently.
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December 31: Financial Literacy Friday

It takes an average of 82 seconds for the first victim to fall for a newly launched phishing scam. Scams are designed to trigger an immediate response. Stress and urgency affect the way your brain processes information.
Fraud & Privacy

December 30: You’re not paranoid to cover your webcam. But the cameras you can’t cover are scarier.

"It’s unlikely that cybercriminals are sitting on the other end of a compromised webcam, eating popcorn and watching you fold towels. But that doesn’t mean the camera on your device isn’t a potential vector for spying."

December 27: Winter Weather Well-being

Stay safe throughout the cold and blustery winter weather, whether you're trudging around outside or bundled up in front of the fire.
 Fraud & Privacy
The countdown is on to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping bonanza. Here are a few tips to keep you safe when shopping online this holiday season:

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