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Banking with phones since 1983

Credit Unions made telephone banking a thing in the 1980s. It was simple for members to call their branch to take care of their daily banking or inquire about “schweet” financial products like a home equity line of credit or registered education plan for the rug rats. Credit unions were totally awesome like that in the 80s. We kid you not.
Driven by innovation, we will only get better. #Past#Present#Future#FinanciallyForward.
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Call for Board of Directors

Credit Unions are operated democratically and owned by their members.

As a member of our Board, you will be able to help lead an organization committed to building strong relationships to improve financial health and enrich people’s lives. Does this sound interesting to you? If so, we're looking for nominations for our Board of Directors!
Member Wellness Monday

Senior Health

Canada's population is graying, with over 7 million seniors aged 65 and over making up almost 19% of our population as of 2021. And that number is growing fast as more of us live longer, healthier lives. Here are some tips for healthy living in your "golden years."
worry-free with no-fee 3.9% balance transfers for 6 months

Want to feel better about reducing your credit card debt?

Take advantage of the opportunity to pay down your balance faster when you transfer balances to your #SynergyCreditUnion credit card at a special 3.9% interest rate for six months and with no transfer fee!
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In case you haven’t heard, compound interest is the best.

You may remember it as an equation you had to memorize for math class, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the concept that powers all sorts of savings and investment products and, over time, allows you to turn your money into more money!
Women and student talking

We were excited about the opportunity to attend the University of Saskatchewan Employer Pop-up today!

We enjoyed connecting with students from various post-secondary schools to share information on the #SynergyCU experience and future career opportunities with us!

Did you know we have a New Grad Program - Financial Services Associate?
Call for Board of Directors

Want to get involved in your credit union?

We're seeking nominations for our Board of Directors. If you would like more information or a nomination kit, the 2023 Director Candidate Information Package is available at or can be picked up at your local branch. The complete package must be submitted by noon on February 10, 2023.
Member Perks online reviews simple

We love to hear from our members!

Our mission is clear: the Synergy experience, building relationships beyond banking. It means we're driven to offer you the best, whether it's our exceptional member service, competitive products and services, helpful advice or positive impacts in the communities we serve. Your opinion is important and helps us deliver the best VIP service to our members. Every day.

The sooner you make it a priority to invest in your retirement goals, the better. When time is on your side, it's a huge ally. Check out this article to learn how you can benefit from the power of compounding.
Member Wellness Monday

Keep Your Resolutions

What's your resolution this New Year? To exercise more, eat better, perhaps quit smoking – or do you just want to try to relax more? Let's take a fresh look at things you can do to keep your resolutions.
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"The colour of springtime is flowers; the colour of winter is in our imagination." - Terri Guillemets

Local love shoutout to members who have sent in their local winter snapshots! Send us your photos, and they could be featured on our social pages, website and more
Financial Planning Workshop

How do you reach financial freedom? Start with Financial Planning.

Join experts from Synergy Credit Union, Credential Asset Management Inc., Credential Securities, MNP, and Revering Law as they walk you through the critical first steps of starting a financial plan! We'll also look at estate and how tax planning relates to an individual’s overall plan.
  • Date: January 21, 2023
  • Time: 10 am – 2 pm MT; lunch provided
  • Location: Synergy Credit Union Lecture Theatre (Admin Building Basement; 4907 50 Street)
Seating is limited. Please RSVP by Tuesday, January 17.
Mutual funds and related financial planning services are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. Mutual funds, other securities and securities related financial planning services are offered through Credential Securities, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. Credential Securities is a registered mark owned by Aviso Wealth Inc.

Growing Money

Investing can be rewarding, but it’s also risky. A savings account is a great place to store your money at first. It’s safe, and it pays a little interest. But it won’t make you rich! Check out this video below and this article to learn more about growing your money.

As an employer, our culture, environment, and strategy put people first. We’re proud to have created a great place to work, learn, and grow a career. You can expect us to provide a safe, healthy, and flexible workplace.


What is a RRSP?

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP or RSP for short) is a special kind of investment account designed to help you save for retirement.
Photo of family baking - Receive up to 15,000 Welcome Points

Ready for a special welcome offer?

Receive up to 15,000 Welcome Points when you sign up and make your first purchase with your new Synergy Credit Union Collabria credit card!
Member Wellness Monday

Why you should set goals, not resolutions this year

"As the new year rolls around, it’s a great time to set new goals and start the year off on the right foot. While resolutions are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, setting goals will be far more beneficial, whether you’re setting them for business or your personal life."

A budget is like a New Year’s resolution.

We all know it’s designed to help us, and yet we have so much trouble sticking to it. Like resolutions, we often map out personal budgets with the best of intentions, only to abandon them a couple of weeks later.
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Loyalty Pays

Get up to $2,000 cashback with Qtrade Direct Investing, an easy-to-use online trading platform brought to you by the power of Synergy Credit Union and Aviso Wealth.

Terms and Conditions Apply. Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Direct Investing, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.
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