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Money Tips From Expert Kerry K. Taylor

Join Kerry for a Synergy member-exclusive event where she will present some tips to help you financially in a fun, engaging webinar on Monday, November 1 at 7 p.m. MST.

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Blog Tips Tuesday

September 28: What is an RESP?

What is an RESP? Check out this article to find out.

September 26: Meet Raven!

She began her career with us in 2013 and has held a variety of roles before her current role as Account Advisor with the Business and Ag Financial Centre.

Outside of work, she is an entrepreneur herself, owning and operating a small home-based business, which has allowed her to find her passion for business.

Raven can assist you and your business or ag operation with a wide range of products and services to fit your needs from opening an account, online banking services to tailored financial advice.
Stop thinking about getting into the markets. Start investing online today

September 25: Qtrade

Our partner, Qtrade makes it easy to buy and sell stocks on Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges. Start to write your own future today.

September 24: Competitive Mortgage Rates!

Owning a home is a big deal, so choosing the right mortgage is as important as finding the right house. We're offering a 5-year 1.99% mortgage.
Jen and crab chatting at the bar

September 24: Demystifying Mortgages

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase of your life, and you'll usually need a loan to make it happen. Comparing mortgages can be confusing and intimidating - let's break it down so you can understand how it works.

September 23: VIP Every Day!

Synergy’s leadership sets and guides the overall direction of the credit union to ensure its success, as both a viable business and a socially, environmentally and economically responsible financial co-operative. They aim to ensure the credit union’s values are aligned with its membership and business is conducted in an effective, open, transparent and ethical manner.
Make safe, contactless payments with your credit card

September 22: Synergy Credit Union Collabria Credit Card

Making purchases is easier than ever with your new credit card. Your credit card now offers Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay® and Click to Pay.

September 22: Join Us

Interested in a career with Synergy? We're committed to building relationships beyond banking with our members as well as our team. Here are our most recent opportunities:
  • Implementation & Adoption Support Representative - apply by October 3, 2021
  • Member Contact Centre Representative - apply by September 28, 2021
Increasing assets: images of man on computer and two men looking to buy equipment

September 21: Blog Tips Tuesday

As business increases, you generally need more equipment/ assets to keep up with the expansion. Here's some things to keep in mind as you grow your business.
Member Wellness Monday: Two women sitting in a cafe drinking coffee

September 20: Member Wellness Monday

"Many people find that their relationships change as they grow older. This is natural for all adults. In midlife, you may want to strengthen your ties to family and friends and make new acquaintances." This article from LifeWorks can help to keep you healthy and your relationships strong all through life.
Member Perks: online reviews

September 19: Write an Online Review!

"Sharleen Giggs was very helpful and totally professional in working with us to get both our mortgages through with the least amount of stress on our part. We are very grateful for all she and Synergy Credit Union did to work with us and we would recommend her and Synergy anytime to anyone looking for financing." Thanks to Martin for this wonderful feedback! Tell us about your experience with us!

September 19: Ron Thompson

Meet Ron, Senior Advisor, in our Business and Agriculture Finance Centre. His goal is to help your business reach their goals with the combination of advice, products and services we have available at Synergy Credit Union.

Ron has the experience to evaluate your current situation and help develop a strategy that focuses on how to assist your business in this region. Ron can help you with a variety of your business and ag needs including: income/ rental properties, new construction, business purchases, expansions and restructuring, joint ventures, complex ownership structures, and farm purchases and expansions.
A lot can happen in 24 hours. Start investing online today with Qtrade.

September 18: QTrade

The sooner you get started investing online, the sooner you can write your own future.
CEO message with Glenn Stang

September 17: New Mask Mandates

"Yesterday, the Saskatchewan government announced increased measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our province. As a result, effective today, mandatory masking will be required to enter our branches for members, staff and the public. We will provide a mask if you forget to bring one."

September 15: Home Improvement Rewards!

Earn 25% more reward points at eligible home supply stores! Valid on selected cards and limited to $400 spend per account.

September 15: Member Perks

Being a top employer is pretty awesome. Working for a top employer is even better. Our team makes a difference in people's lives and in communities we live in. For us, it's not just about a job here. It's about having a purpose that really matters.

September 14: Blog Tips Tuesday

Attracting key people is important to the success and health of your business. You will need a plan whether you are looking to hire or retain key employees.

September 14: Join our Team

A career with us is not just about the work that you do. It's also about the difference you make in people's lives and in the community you live in. Want to join our team? We're hiring: 
  • A Financial Associate/ Advisor in Maidstone
  • A Member Advisor in Lloydminster
Member wellness Monday: photo of hand holding a yellow ribbon

September 13: World Suicide Prevention Day

"Last Friday, September 10th marked World Suicide Prevention Day. Each year, suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally for people of all ages. There is no “typical” suicide victim. It occurs across all ethnic, economic, and social boundaries. Here are some common warning signs from LifeWorks that you should be aware of in friends, family, or co-workers who may be at risk"

September 12: Sydney Lake

Meet Sydney. As an Advisor, with our Business and Ag Financial Centre, she wants to help our local producers reach their family farming and ag business goals.

Growing up on her family farm, she developed a passion for agriculture at a young age. This passion led her to pursue a degree in AgBusiness, satisfying her agriculture and business interests. Prior to joining Team Synergy she was the Agriculture Manager at the Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association for three years.

Volunteerism is important to Sydney. She is actively involved with many charities including the Lloydminster Interval Home, Lloydminster Exhibition, and Canadian Western Agribition Mentorship Program.

September 11: Qtrade

Are you aged 18 to 30? Take advantage of Young Investor rates at $7.75 per trade with Qtrade with no account minimums.

September 10: Financial Literacy Friday

The average Canadian household spends $7,536 a year on groceries. Here are some tips to help you take a bite out of your grocery bill!
Fall for 5.9% on balance transfers and zero transfer fees

September 9: Synergy Credit Union Collabria Credit Card

Zero transfer fees on balance transfers, plus only 5.9% on your balances whenever you transfer from another non-Synergy Credit Union Collabria credit card.
Member Perks: Helping Your Community

September 8: Member Perks - Helping Your Community

Giving back to our communities is a value and commitment that guides us every day, whether it's providing financial support through our Synergy Shares program or volunteering for local events in the cities and towns that we serve.

September 7: Blog Tips Tuesday

As a business owner, you may be busy and do not expect for certain situations to occur all of a sudden. Since you have put so much into your business, it’s important to plan for the future of your key employees, as well as for your business or agricultural operation.

September 5: Lexi

Meet Lexi, Account Manager in St. Walburg! She’s worked in the financial industry since 2019 after completing her Bachelor of Science in AgriBusiness and joined us in 2021. Away from work, she enjoys working with the Frenchman Butte Museum Society!

September 4: Qtrade

Starting to invest online with our partner Qtrade is easy and you can learn at your own pace.

September 3: Financial Literacy Friday

Simply put, inflation refers to the rate of change or increase in the average prices of goods and services typically purchased by consumers. When the price level rises, every dollar you have buys a smaller percentage of a good or a service.
CEO message with Glenn Stang

September 1, 2021: CEO Message

"Earlier this year, the federal government announced that September 30, 2021, would be marked as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and declared it a statutory holiday for all federal employees. To date, the province of Saskatchewan has not, but at Synergy, we have decided to observe the day and close our branches."
Earn up to 4,000 bonus points when you sign up for a new credit card; photo of a mom, father and daughter

September 1, 2021: Collabria Credit Card

Earn up to 4,000 bonus points when you sign up for a new eligible credit card with us.
credit squirrel the Jen

September 1: Back To School!

"A new school year means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships and new challenges. The slate is clean and anything can happen." - Denise Whitmer. Wishing students an amazing school year filled with lots of learning, fun and laughter!
How to manage and increase cash flow; photos of small business women selling products

August 31: Blog Tips Tuesday

Having a positive cash flow simply means having more money coming in than going out. A positive cash flow is critical to the operation and success of your business, and it is a key indicator of a healthy, well-run business. Unfortunately, especially in the beginning, maintaining a positive cash flow can be difficult. Here's some tips to managing and increasing your cash flow.
Member Perks: ClickSwitch

August 31: ClickSWITCH

It has never been easier to enjoy all the benefits of a Synergy account -- with a simple switch. ClickSWITCH removes the hassle of contacting all of your billers and depositors to inform them of your new account information. You input your payment and direct deposit information to our secure ClickSWITCH system, submit the switch and we’ll do the rest.
Member Wellness Monday: farmer running hand through wheat field

August 30: Member Wellness Monday

"Farming can be both a rewarding and demanding occupation where farmers experience highs and lows and mounting stress." Here are some tips from the Farm Stress Line on Minding Your Mental Health During the Busy Seasons.

August 29: Synergy Snapshots

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." Bernard Wilson. Thanks for sending your beautiful snapshots like Melissa Starchuck, Michelle Hickman and Karuna Russell. Want to see more local photos?

August 29: Employee Spotlight

Meet Sharleen! She joined the Macklin Credit Union in 2005 and has had a variety of roles, including Member Service Representative, Loans Clerk and Loans Officer.

Away from work, she sits on the board of directors as treasurer for the Macklin Daycare. She's also involved in the Macklin Ladies Golf Association.
Member Perks: Financial Wellness

August 28: Financial Wellness

How are you doing? Check out your financial wellness in this short 5 minute quiz.

August 28: Qtrade

It’s time to write your own future. Our partner, Qtrade makes it easy to get started.
Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Direct Investing, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. QtradeQtrade Direct Investing, and Write your own future are trade names and/or trademarks of Aviso Wealth.
Member Perks: online reviews

August 27: Online Reviews

We love to hear from our members! Thank you to Nadine for sending your review in! Want to let us know how we have helped you or if you have a question or concern about the service you received at Synergy, we want to know about that too!
Loan shark by the pool

August 27: Financial Literacy Friday

If you are facing debt problems, you may feel that a payday lender is your only option. Not true—you have a number of alternatives to taking out a high-cost payday loan.
Member Perks: Online Money Education

August 25, 2021: Want to up your money education game?

What we do for our members and communities goes way beyond banking. We believe helping you to prosper also means truly supporting you on your journey to becoming your own best financial advocate. This belief is a big part of our motivation to offer It’s a Money Thing, a set of free online money education courses you can access at your convenience.
Get Started! Earn 25% more rewards points on your next home project!; photo of family

August 25: Collabria Credit Cards

Earn 25% more reward points at eligible home supply stores! Valid on selected cards and limited to $400 spend per account.
3 Key advisors important to the success of your business; photo 1: couple meeting with a female advisor; photo 2 female meeting with a female advisor

August 24: Blog Tips Tuesday

It's hard to start a new business, especially if it's your first. But don't worry, there are people and organizations out there who can help. Here's 3 key advisors important to the success of your business and some tips to help you choose them. 

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