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Banking With Us

What is Synergy doing differently than other credit unions?

Credit unions reflect the expectations and needs of the members and communities they serve.

Unlock the Secrets of ProfitShares: Your Comprehensive Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how Synergy Credit Union’s ProfitShares program can empower you financially and provide clarity on common questions!

How well is my money protected?

Rest assured, your money is well-protected at our credit union. Our comprehensive Deposit Protection Service, backed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation...

Why should I bank With Synergy Credit Union?

People always come first at Synergy Credit Union. We are committed to the betterment of our members, the people within our employ and the communities we serve.

What are the main principles of the credit union system?

The best way to answer this is to share the Saskatchewan credit union system’s Vision, Mission and Values statements.

Why is there a hold on cash deposits put through ATMs?

Generally speaking, there is a hold placed on deposits made through the ATM because the deposit needs to be verified.

Can I bank here if I don't live in Saskatchewan?

Absolutely. Synergy Credit Union makes every effort to ensure all our members can bank with us no matter where they may call home.

What is the difference between a regular bank and a credit union?

One of the most notable differences is credit unions are member-owned.

How does Synergy contribute to our local communities?

We grew up here, and we have a responsibility to pay our success forward.
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