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About Us


Synergy Credit Union is a member-owned, cooperative financial institution providing financial, wealth management, and payment services to individuals and corporations for the benefit of members and communities.


Synergy is a $5 Billion Credit Union driven by an unmatched member experience. We demonstrate a culture of member and community connectedness that embraces change.

What we believe

People come first

A group of like-minded people can move mountains when they work together toward a common goal. We’re committed to growing with you. We build our wealth to improve your life and to help your community prosper. We’re here for you in good times and in bad. We’re always stronger together.

Make every day extraordinary

Members are our number one priority at Synergy, which is why we always go the extra mile for you in everything we do. It shows in how we build relationships beyond banking and work as a team to offer you an extraordinary experience. And every day, we always do our best to make you smile.

We're ready when you are

You deserve exceptional service in every channel, so that’s what we offer in person, over the phone and online. Our advisors will literally go the extra mile to meet with you, and we’re always looking forward – listening, adapting and seeking out new ways to meet your needs.

The right plan, tools and expertise

Simply put, we’re your local experts, whether it’s for your personal, business, ag operation, or agribusiness finances. To achieve this, we’re always sharpening our skills, and we’re 100% committed to listening, digging deep and finding the solutions that work right here at home for you.

Making our home better

We live and work here, so we feel a responsibility to pay it forward, promote economic development and make our communities better. Through our unique Synergy Shares Program, we invest in our communities and fund tools to support projects that improve community value, health care, financial literacy, and enhance local initiatives. Our staff members are passionate volunteers who extend everyday acts of kindness as part of their jobs.

Doing what's right

Doing what’s right for our members is our overriding purpose, and we look for and value staff members who share this belief. Doing the right thing for you as our member means open and ongoing communication, upholding your right to have a say in how we’re run and safeguarding the security of your privacy and all of your financial matters. Doing the right thing is embedded in our beliefs, and it is our unconditional promise to you.

"I'm all about supporting small town and keeping our small branch active and thriving. It's great to walk into any branch and feel welcome."

- Tracey Kurtz


In the early 1900s when credit unions were established in Canada, 7 Co-operative Principles formed a guiding light in building the Canadian credit union movement. At Synergy, we continue to live up to these principles; they play a leading role in the way we work with our members and in our communities every day.


We welcome anyone to join our credit union without discrimination on gender, social, racial, political or religious factors.


When an individual purchases a $5 member share, they have a say in how Synergy Credit Union operates through an opportunity to be a director, to vote in our Board of Directors elections, by voting in bylaw changes at special member meetings, and by attending our Annual General Meeting. New Community Credit Union exhibited this principle when their members shared their voice and voted in favour of merging with Synergy Credit Union in May 2022.


When Synergy Credit Union has financial success, so do our members. In 2022, more than $2.4 million was paid to members in allocations to their ProfitShares accounts, and of that, members who had reached their ProfitShares account limits enjoyed a cash payout of $791,000. Our members also benefited from $463,800 in their spending accounts through Member Rewards.

Through our ProfitShares program, which started in 1983, we have returned more than $95 million by allocation to members' ProfitShares accounts.


As a financial co-operative, Synergy Credit Union is controlled by real members like you, instead of outside shareholders. Decisions and partnerships with the credit union are made with the members’ interests first.


We provide members with access to resources and tools as a means to personal growth. Our goal is to empower our members through educational opportunities, including appointments with our experts who can assist in making key decisions for your financial future. Our financial literacy program, driven by the Synergy Emerging Leaders, provides educational opportunities for members and non-members through in-person and digital presentations on a wide range of topics. Additionally, we offer free financial wellness resources through our website.


Your credit union strengthens the co-operative movement by partnering with organizations that share the same important values. This can happen operationally, through our partnerships with credit unions to deliver improved digital banking technology platforms. This also happens locally, like partnering with our local co-operatives to deliver funds to local food banks in our areas during a time when the shelves were starting to empty.


When you’re a member of Synergy, you can be assured your day-to-day business translates into benefits for charities, local businesses and the entire community. Last year, we returned more than $700,000 to our communities through the Synergy Shares program, helping our region’s non-profit and community sector with funds at a time when donations were down. In addition to financial support, we encourage and promote volunteerism with all of team Synergy. You’ll often see a Synergy employee volunteer at both virtual and physical community events.

Our history

Our story began in 1943 as Lloydminster Savings and Credit Union Ltd., offering people a financial institution guided by co-operative values and the seven international co-operative principles. These values and principles set us apart and gave hard-working people a financial partner who put them first, making them owners rather than customers, along with a commitment to work diligently for sustainability and growth in their community. We continue to be guided by these co-operative values and principles today. They inspire us to make you our number one priority and to be a place where we can all grow, build and share our wealth. Learn more about our journey as a credit union by reading our historical highlights below.

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