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Owning A Home

How can I protect my mortgage in the event of the unexpected?

What would you do if you had to sell your home due to a family tragedy such as a job loss, critical illness, sickness, accident or death?

What is the CMHC?

The CMHC's mandate is to help Canadians access a variety of affordable housing options.

Am I better off with a Simplicity Mortgage or a Super-Mortgage?

Both mortgages have their cost-effective advantages. More than anything else, your personal situation will determine which mortgage gives you more of an advantage.

6 quick tips to save for your down payment

Whatever the reason, deciding to become a home owner is an exciting step for anyone.

Are you a property virgin or a next-time home buyer?

Whether you are just starting out in the wonderful world of home buying as a first-time home buyer or whether you a next-time home buyer, you need to factor in some costs and considerations.

4 ways to pay down your mortgage sooner

Here are four ways to save money on what’s likely to be your biggest lifetime purchase.
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6 ways to get more with your mortgage

While the interest rate is certainly one factor in a mortgage decision, it should never be the only thing to consider. Here are six other things that can save you money and future potential hassle:

3 tips about mortgage renewal

If it is time to think about renewing your mortgage, begin by comparing your financial situation and lifestyle now to when you first took out your mortgage.

Mortgage and loan debt tutorial

If you’re like most Canadians, you have some personal debt, and you’re thinking about ways to reduce it quickly…And most say their number one financial goal is to pay down their debt more quickly.

Not All Mortgages Are Equal

A mortgage is a major purchase, so it is important to know you have the package and lending professional that is right for you.

Factors for Lending Decisions

Being aware of your whole financial picture is key to being prosperous and we want to help you get where you want to be.

Cost of Ownership

It is important to know exactly what costs you are going to incur up front and along the way.

Your Housing Options

It is important to understand the different types of housing options available to you in your area and the factors you need to consider when you are looking to purchase your home.

You and Your Realtor: Making the Offer

Your Realtor can help you find what you are looking for and help you secure the purchase.

You and Your Lawyer

Your lawyer, realtor and financial advisor work together to protect your investment, prevent surprises and help you work through any problems.
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