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Learn Money Manager in Minutes

with our helpful demo videos for each tool

Getting started

This tutorial will walk you through the four recommended steps to take when you start using Money Manager tools.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to add external accounts, reorder, hide, duplicate, close, and delete accounts.


In this tutorial, learn how to categorize, search, filter transactions, and more. This is the foundation for creating your budget.


In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the spending wheel to analyze your spending and see where your money’s really going.

Learn how to auto-generate a budget based on your previous spending, and how to fine-tune it as you go.

Net Worth

This tutorial will walk you through the Net Worth feature and show you how to track your net worth over time.


This tutorial will show you how to create a debt repayment plan based on different strategies and help you visualize when you will be debt-free.


Learn how to use the Trends feature to analyze your financial situation and see where you might be able to change your behaviour to free up some cash.

Cash Flow

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how the Cash Flow feature can help you analyze past spending and predict future expenses.


This tutorial will walk you through how to create a goal in Money Manager, be it a savings goal, retirement or that vacation you can’t wait to take.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to navigate thru Help when you have questions or want to learn more about the different Money Manager tools. For Synergy members, the Help section can be found within the Money Manager menu on digital banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Money Manager is a single, integrated system that allows you to see, manage, and understand your money from one place. Whether you’re a conscientious planner or an optimistic dreamer, have one account or a baker’s dozen, this innovative tool lets you see and take control of your money from any or all of your devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer.
This simply means the external account you are trying to add from another financial institution has two-factor authenticated enabled. Be sure to check your email or texts for a verification code from your other financial institution to complete adding your external account.
If you’re sure your credentials are correct, double check that you’re attempting to link the correct financial institution as some may have multiple names in the list. If you’re still experiencing issues, contact us at 1-866-825-3301 and we would be happy to help.
If you have accounts you don’t want to show in Money Manager (like a joint account with a child, for example), you can hide the account. This will stop information or transactions from the account from factoring into other tabs in Money Manager. The data related to it won’t be deleted and can easily be unhidden in the future.
  1. Bring up the Account Details window of the account to hide
  2. Tap the ••• icon and select Hide Account from the dropdown menu. A warning message will appear asking them to confirm they'd like to hide the account
  3. Tap Hide to confirm
Hidden accounts will still be visible at the bottom of the accounts list in the Accounts tab. Your icons will be greyed out and marked as Hidden.
Money Manager is a personal financial management tool and is only available for personal/retail members at this time.
If you have consolidated your personal account on your business account and switch to your personal profile, you will not be able to see Money Manager. You need to log in with your personal account to be able to see and use the Money Manager tools.
Each financial institution, credit card company, etc. sets their own security measures regarding connections. This could determine how often a member must reconnect the connection. Collabria for example requires a daily reconnect as part of their security measures.
Once you have added your credit card and a connection, you sure can! You can also filter what accounts you want to show. 
Scroll up to the Accounts tool video to learn more about filtering accounts.
Yes, they will once they are added as a connection.
Internal Synergy account transactions and account balances will update within a few hours. For external account information, such as a Collabria Mastercard, will show all posted transactions.
No, Money Manager is for financial institution connections only.
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