Agriculture Loans

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Agriculture Term Loan (Non-Mortgage)

The term loan can help you with a specific agricultural business investment, such as inventory build-up, financing a piece of equipment or other cash flow needs. More

Agriculture Quick Loan

The quick loan is a short-term loan to help you manage recurring input costs. A quick loan can let you buy a timely piece of equipment or help you take care of an untimely expense. More

Agriculture Line of Credit

A line of credit on your Agricultural Chequing account gives you immediate access to funds for inventory or operating expenses. More

Canadian Agriculture Loans Act (CALA)

A federal government guaranteed loans program designed to encourage lenders to provide farmers with credit for improvements to their farm activities, as well as for farming cooperatives to develop efficient processing, distribution or marketing processes. More

Agriculture Letter Of Credit

Avoid having to make cash advances or prepayments. A Letter of Credit is an assurance to a creditor that you will pay as promised. More