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Synergy Credit Union 'Wahkohtowin' Crewneck Sweater

Embrace the spirit of kinship and unity with our one-of-a-kind Synergy Credit Union 'Wahkohtowin' Crewneck Sweater, a true symbol of community and reconciliation.

Limited Time Exclusive Offer!

Order Deadline: October 20

Only $45 each,
youth $35 each

Ladies' sizes XS to 4XL
Men's sizes XS to 4XL
Youth sizes XS to XL

Sizing Chart

Crafted with Care: This premium crewneck sweater is a celebration of Synergy Credit Union's 80th Anniversary and our deep connection to the land and Indigenous cultures.

Artistic Inspiration: Our Truth & Reconciliation Committee worked with Indigenous artists, led by Christine Marie of Awasis Boutique, to craft a meaningful design. It incorporates sage and grass, symbolizing growth, healing, and gratitude. In its center, you'll discover "Wahkohtowin" written in Cree syllabics, representing unity, kinship, and connection. Explore the deeper meaning below.

Perfect Gift: Orders will be arriving in November, meaning they could make a great holiday gift for a loved one!

Convenient Pickup: Select your preferred Synergy Credit Union branch for pickup as soon as mid-November. To keep costs low, shipping is not available at this time.

No Returns or Exchanges: If there are any issues with your crewneck once you receive it, let us know by reaching out to and we’ll be happy to exchange it for one of the same size.

Unfortunately, orders for the 'Wahkohtowin' Crewneck Sweater are no longer being accepted at the moment, but stay tuned for updates on when orders will be ready for pick up.

Supporting Truth and Reconciliation: Your purchase contributes to a greater cause. $5 from every Kinship sweater purchase will be donated to Heart of Treaty 6 Reconciliation (HOT6), helping us take meaningful steps towards Indigenous hiring practices.

Explore the meaning: The art piece is inspired by Indigenous cultures and beliefs, paying respect to the land, and representing a strong foundation.

  • Circular shape - Symbolizes a cyclical nature, giving back to our communities and the community giving back to us.
  • “Wahkohtowin” - A Cree word which translates to “kinship” and is defined as the interconnected nature of communities and relationships.
  • Sage and grass - Pays respect to the land which Synergy built its organization upon.
  • Roots - Represents our roots in the communities we serve and how we have grown over the last 80 years.
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