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Synergy named one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers for second straight year

Being prepared for the changes in the financial industry is more than just creating a business plan for Synergy Credit Union. It means a commitment to investing in the development of their staff.

That initiative is a major part of why Synergy Credit Union was recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers in 2019 for the second straight year.

“We’re incredibly proud of the culture and the commitment by our staff to serve our members,” said Chief Executive Officer Glenn Stang. “To be recognized like this for the initiatives that we hold in such high regard is truly an honour.” For more on Synergy being one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers, check out our Top Employer page.

The vision Synergy has to anticipate the needs of the financial industry’s future aligns with their flexibility and commitment to improving the skill level of its staff.

“Synergy does everything in its power to be supportive and develop people,” says Chief Financial Officer Christine Tucker, who is proof of Synergy’s commitment to developing talented people and helping them to succeed. Hired as an Account Manager in 1999, she also held posts as Branch Manager in two branch locations, was a Regional Manager for the northern part of Synergy’s service area before taking the role as Manager of Retail. In 2018, she became a part of the executive team when she was named Chief Financial Officer.

“There has been a number of opportunities to participate and grow in leadership opportunities,” Tucker added. “I was fortunate to be selected as a trainer for both our internal cultural training and Heart of Coaching, which provided further opportunities to enhance my leadership skills.”

Being a Top Employer is a special designation that recognizes Saskatchewan employers that lead their industries in offering exceptional places to work. Employers throughout Saskatchewan were evaluated by the editors at Canada's Top 100 Employers using the same criteria as the national competition, including physical workspace, training and skills development and community involvement.

“Saskatchewan is unique in Canada in having a significant public-sector component to its economy combined with relatively modest levels of immigration,” says Richard Yerema, Managing Editor of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. “For employers, this makes it even more important to ensure their existing employees have the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s economy. More than in other parts of Canada, Saskatchewan employers have a significant incentive to develop the skills of their existing workforce.” Synergy would like to congratulate fellow credit union Cornerstone Credit Union Financial Group Limited in Yorkton, Sask., for also receiving the honour.

Lloydminster, Sask. - Wednesday | February 13, 04:58 PM
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