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When you own a business, ag operation, or agribusiness, you live a 24/7 commitment to building a sustainable future. We can take up some of the load with local, expert advice and financial planning tools tailored to the needs of your business. From budgets and road maps to investing and protecting the assets you’re working so hard to build, we’re in your corner for the long haul. Whether you’re just starting out, running or handing down the family farm or operating a large enterprise, we’re here to help you achieve success. We know that your future depends on it.
Cash Management

If you're like most businesses, managing your cash - or "cash flow" - will be one of your most important and ongoing challenges. For new businesses, it usually takes awhile before you can determine the right balance between bringing in cash and paying it out to meet your obligations.

There are numerous factors that may affect your businesses' cash flow, such as but not limited to:

  • seasonal fluctuations
  • the length of time between getting an order and receiving payment
  • the paying patterns of your main clients/customers

At Synergy, we help business owners every day with the cash flow management process, such as:

  • providing sufficient operating lines of credit
  • discussing cash management best practices
  • paying attention to the warning signs related to your business
To find more about cash management options that could benefit you and your business, connect with one of our local experts.

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How to manage and increase your cash flow
Having a positive cash flow simply means having more money coming in than going out.
Business Overhead Insurance

As a business owner, everything depends on your ability to work. If you or a co-owner can’t generate income for your business because of an illness or disability, Business Overhead Insurance can alleviate financial pressure and help you meet ongoing expenses without worry while you’re unable to work. Coverage will pay:

  • fixed business costs, such as salaries to retain employees
  • fixed expenses like rent, property taxes and utilities
Our local experts can help you understand how business overhead insurance could work for you.

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Does your business fit into your retirement plans?
Many business owners face the possibility that the sale of their business may not generate a large enough nest egg for a secure, comfortable retirement.
Key Person Insurance

There are key people in every business — team members who are essential to how your operation runs. In a small business, losing a key person can mean serious consequences. Key Person Insurance can help keep your business running and protect your bottom line while you navigate the loss. Key Person Insurance will cover the costs associated with:

  • hiring an appropriate recruit
  • training a new recruit to become a key person in your business
Connect with a local expert to learn more about Key Person insurance.
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Attracting key people
Attracting key people is important to the success and health of your business. You will need a plan whether you are looking to hire or retain key employees.
Employee Benefit Program

Benefit plans are a great incentive when it comes to hiring and retaining excellent staff. We can customize a comprehensive employee benefits package that protects your employees and their families. It’s also tax-deductible, which means that taking care of your team takes care of your business, too. Our employee benefits programs can include:

  • life and disability insurance
  • health, dental and vision coverage
  • group savings plans
Connect with us to find a plan that works for your business.
Three key advisors are important to the success of your business:
It is very important all three of your advisors know each other and discuss your plans to ensure they are all working towards the common goal: helping your business to succeed.
Buy-Sell Funding

If you own your business with one or more people, it’s important to think about what you would do in the event of someone’s death, disability, illness or exit from the company. Buy-Sell Funding ensures all owners and their families, as well as the long-term health of the business, are protected from loss. Our Buy-Sell Funding will:

  • assess your needs
  • deal fairly with the remaining shareholders
  • protect the interests of family members
Our team of experts can help you learn more about your Buy-Sell options.
Man and female shaking hands for a business deal
4 situations where a buy/ sell agreement is useful
We understand that running a business or ag operation takes a lot of time and energy – but, on the other hand, it can also be very rewarding.
Business Succession Planning

Selling or transitioning your farm or small business is a complex and often emotional process. We can help make it as seamless as possible. Working with you and your team of professionals, we can create a road map for succession that protects your legacy and prepares you for the next phase of your life. We can help you:

  • establish goals and expectations
  • determine a timeline
  • protect your assets and mitigate taxes
  • implement the plan
Learn more about succession planning services by working with one of our local experts.

Where does a farm family start succession planning?
Looking to turn over the farm? Where do you start? Here are some important things to consider when planning for the future of your farm.
Business Growth Experts

Driving business growth in a rapidly changing and financially challenging environment is a very complex and sometimes daunting process. Make it a little easier by connecting with a group of local experts who know how to help and want to see others succeed.

Customer Automated Funds Transfer (CAFT)
Compliance with CRA’s payroll regulations, especially around tax and other deductions, vacation pay, etc. can be time consuming for business owners. CAFT, a direct payment processing platform, makes the process seamless, allowing you to put your focus on building your business and helping your team while still meeting government requirements.

You can use CAFT to:

  • move money electronically between Canadian financial institution
  • make direct deposit payments for payroll
  • pay your payables and collect your receivables

Helpful, everyday advice for your business or ag operation.

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