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Camp Kindling Co-operative Youth Retreat

Join like-minded youth for a summer camp like no other, where youth ages 12-18 come together for the experience of a lifetime.

Camp Kindling (also called the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Retreat/SCYR) is a series of four- and five-day overnight summer camp sessions held in July and August. It brings together youth from different cultures and communities across Saskatchewan to learn about, embrace, and embody co-operative values. Values like equality, solidarity, integrity, and social responsibility not only to help build better communities, but unleash the strength, confidence, and capability within each of us.

The program is specially designed for Saskatchewan youth ages 12 to 18. It will help you master skills in teamwork, leadership, co-operation and communication. You'll gain the self-confidence you need to get involved and make a difference in your lives and your communities. Plus... you'll have a great time doing it!

As a credit union, we embrace the values that campers explore at Camp Kindling, including the beliefs that:

    • the input of each individual should be valued
    • sustainable goals can be achieved through teamwork
    • group decision making and communication empower a spirit of co-operation and community

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