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Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Camp

Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Camp

Also known as Co-op Camp or SCYP, the Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Program is a summer camp session for youth ages 12 to 18. Held in July and August every year, SCYP gives young people from across the province the chance to participate in a wide variety of fun, bonding recreational opportunities and discover the value of co-operatives. During the Co-op Camp experience, campers:

    • connect with like-minded people and mentors
    • increase confidence
    • develop social and leadership skills
    • learn what can be accomplished by working together
    • explore how every voice counts in a democracy
    • learn how to get involved in their communities

More than 44,000 young people have taken part in this celebrated youth leadership program since its founding in 1928 . While the curriculum has evolved with the times, leadership, self-confidence and co-operative values remain deeply embedded at its core. As a credit union, we embrace the values that campers explore at SCYP, including the beliefs that:

    • the input of each individual should be valued
    • sustainable goals can be achieved through teamwork
    • group decision making and communication empower a spirit of co-operation and community
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