RRSP Term Deposit

A tax-sheltered investment which holds registered funds at a guaranteed rate for a certain length of time.

Cost Savings: Expand/Collapse

"You may receive a tax refund when contributing to an RRSP."
- New RRSP contributions are eligible for tax deductions up to your deduction limit.

Growth: Expand/Collapse

"Your investment grows faster because the interest you earn is not taxable."
- Compound interest.

"You know what your growth will be."
- Competitive fixed rates.

"Your rate of return is guaranteed."
- Guaranteed rates until maturity.

Peace of mind: Expand/Collapse

"When you wish to retire, you will have money available to support your lifestyle."
- The investment and earned interest are tax sheltered until you withdraw them.

"You can rest assured knowing your money is safe."
- Deposits fully guaranteed by Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

Affordable: Expand/Collapse

"You can start your retirement investment with a small amount."
- Minimum amount of $500.

Flexible: Expand/Collapse

"You can choose the maturity date that best meets your needs."
- Non redeemable terms available from 12 to 71 months.
- Annual interest frequency.

Additional Information:

RSP must be converted into a Retirement Income Fund (RIF) at age 71.
- View RRSP rates.

Who might benefit from this product/service?

Members with an available deduction limit, as per their Notice of Assessment, are eligible to contribute to their Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

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