Non-Registered Investments & Savings

Non-registered simply means the investment does not receive the tax benefits of registered plans. That also means they don't have the same restrictions.

iSave High Interest Savings Account

The iSave is a perfect place to park and plan your investment money. No minimum balance, with great accessibility, right when you need it. More

Wealth Accumulator

An investment account which offers a competitive rate return and allows you to make convenient, automatic deposits at a specified time period. More

One Year Cashable Term Deposit

A term deposit that can be redeemed at any time. More

Non-Registered Term Deposit

An investment account where you can deposit money for a certain length of time at a guaranteed rate of return. More

High 5 Term Deposit Option

Lower your interest risk by choosing the High 5 option for your 5 year term deposit, and allow 20% of your investment to mature each year! You have the flexibility to withdraw the funds on the maturity date or take advantage of future rates. Over the long term, you could increase your overall portfolio's return. More

DepositWise® Term Deposit

An investment which allows regular payout payments of earned interest and principal to your account. More

Mutual Funds*

Mutual funds are a popular way to invest because you can choose your own style of investing - aggressive or conservative, local or foreign, short-term or long-term. More

Stocks and Bonds*

Choose from a wide selection of stocks and bonds available in the form of publicly traded stocks on the Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges, as well as government and corporate bonds, income trusts, and preferred shares. More