Loans & Lines of Credit

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Personal Term Loan (Non-Mortgage)

This kind of loan can help you buy a car, furniture, appliances, recreational equipment, or investments. Or, use a term loan to consolidate your debts and lower your monthly payments and interest costs. More

Dealer Finance Program

Conveniently finance your purchase for a vehicle, RV, travel trailer, quad or boat right at the dealership. More

Personal Quick Loan

Get loan funds quickly, on a credit basis, up to a pre-approved and authorized limit. A quick loan may help you take advantage of a rare buying opportunity or take care of an untimely expense. More

Personal Line of Credit

A line of credit on your checking account provides you with ready cash for emergencies and untimely expenses. You only pay interest when you use it. More

Education Loan

If you are a post-secondary student, you make interest-only payments while attending school. There's also a 6-month grace period when you graduate. More


Take full advantage of your RRSP deduction limit and minimize the income tax you pay. The CU TAKE TEN RRSP Loan can help you catch up on your retirement savings. Take up to ten years to repay the loan! More