CUETS Mastercard® Credit Cards

Important Notice on CUETS Mastercard Credit Cards

On August 1, 2018, our website will no longer contain information and links to CUETS Financial products and services. Starting August 1, Synergy will introduce an exciting new line of personal and business credit card products.

For members who continue to use their CUETS Mastercard credit card, be sure to bookmark or add the following links to your favourites:

  • - For information about card features and benefits and to make redemptions using CHOICE REWARDS® or Platinum Class points.
  • - Secure access to online card services, including recent transactions and monthly statements.


Many of our credit cards already offer or have the option of offering the CHOICE REWARDS program. Every purchase you make with your Mastercard® credit card could earn you points that you can apply towards travel, with no restrictions, and even merchandise! More

Student Mastercard® Credit Card

Are you a student, looking to enhance your financial options while continuing your education? Start building a credit rating before you enter the workforce! The Student Mastercard credit card is your perfect fit, with no annual fee and great convenience! More

No Fee CHOICE REWARDS Mastercard Credit Card

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of a Mastercard credit card, along with the opportunity to earn rewards, but without the annual fees? Do you want to establish your credit? Either way, the No Fee CHOICE REWARDS Mastercard credit card is the right card for you. More

Low Fee Mastercard Credit Card

Do you want a credit card that includes many standard features, such as extended warranty or travel benefits, for a low annual fee? Do you want the option to add CHOICE REWARDS? The Low Fee Mastercard credit card is what you're looking for. More

Low Fee Gold Mastercard Credit Card

Do you like the distinction of being a Gold cardholder - receiving benefits, such as purchase protection, travel insurance or extended warranty - but don't want the extended medical coverage? Your best choice may be the Low Fee Gold Mastercard credit card. More

Gold Mastercard Credit Card

Are you a traveller that would like peace of mind on your next trip? The Gold Mastercard credit card offers a golden travel benefits package so you are automatically covered with these standard features from your card on your next trip. More

Platinum Class Mastercard Credit Card

Are you looking for a "best in class" product that offers you a high spending limit, double the rewards and a superior travel benefits program? Look no further - the Platinum Mastercard credit card is your card. More

CHOICE REWARDS World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

A Mastercard credit card with a higher credit limit and all of the protection and perks with many added benefits, such as the ability to earn double the reward points (with no limits) for travel, merchandise and cash, as well as access to an exclusive travel agency. More