Executor EASE Program

A program designed to help Executors administer an estate. It is available through Synergy’s partnership with estate administration experts at Concentra Trust®.

Save Time Expand/Collapse

"You can save yourself time and hassle because the experts with Concentra Trust can help you through the process."
- Acting as an Executor can be a very tough and time-consuming job. Many people who accept this role do not fully understand all of the duties, responsibilities and personal liabilities that can come with it. The experts at Concentra Trust have the knowledge to help you administer the estate — and save you time, legal fees and potential headaches.

Protect Yourself Expand/Collapse

"You can protect yourself from potential liabilities, taxes and claims as an Executor."
- There are many duties as an Executor. The Executor EASE program can help you understand your role and liabilities as an Executor, where you can protect yourself from potential lawsuits and claims.

Helpful Assistance & Expertise Expand/Collapse

"You can get the support you need in whichever areas you need."
- Whether it is providing you with professional guidance on estate administration or acting as your Agent, the professionals from Concentra can help you through the process and share their expertise with you.

- To help get you started, you receive a no-cost, no-obligation consultation offered by Concentra, experts who fully understand legislative requirements, processes and potential pitfalls often faced by Executors.

Convenience Expand/Collapse

"You can get help — it's right at your fingertips!"
- Synergy staff can help arrange a complimentary consultation with Concentra Trust.

"You can access the Executor EASE program through Synergy Credit Union."
- Through our partnership with Concentra Trust, you can receive assistance with the estate administration process. During this process, the Executor must identify assets, settle debts, pay taxes and distribute the balance of the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will or laws of intestacy, bringing the financial affairs of the deceased to a close. See the many roles of an Executor through our Settling An Estate Guide.

Cost-Effective Expand/Collapse

"You benefit from a no-cost, no-obligation consultation from Concentra Trust."
- Before getting started, you receive a free consultation to help you make sense of your needs.

"You control the cost based on the support you need from Concentra Trust."
- Depending on your circumstances, you may need support in one or a number of areas related to estate administration. Concentra will provide estate administration services in a way that's right for you, based on your unique needs, level of experience and comfort.

- You select the service that fits your unique needs as an Executor, which means you control the cost.

Additional Information

- Concentra Trust is the credit union’s trust company and has been delivering personal trust services and estate administration to credit union members throughout Canada for more than
60 years. 
- For more information, call Synergy Credit Union at 1-866-825-3301 or
Concentra Trust at 1-800-788-6311 (ext. 1888).

Who might benefit from this product/ service?

- Any Executor who would like the assistance of an expert to help them through the estate administration process, which could save time and reduce potential liabilities, taxes, legal fees and headaches.

® Personal and corporate trust services are provided through Concentra Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Concentra Bank.

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