U.S. ExchangePack

An account pack used to conduct transactions in U.S. dollars where you can earn competitive interest.

Convenience: Expand/Collapse

"You can time your deposits to when the foreign exchange rates are favourable."
- U.S. funds are available when needed.

"You have a convenient way to accumulate cash for future U.S. purchases."
- This account pack is a great way to plan for future vacations, visits or purchases within the United States because you can take advantage of favourable exchange rates.

"You can access your funds conveniently at any time through a variety of options."
- Access your account anytime through a variety of methods, such as:

Save Time and Money: Expand/Collapse

"You save money with freebies included in this account."
- You pay no monthly fee.
- You receive 1 free self-serve or manual transactions for every $500 minimum monthly balance in this account.*
- You receive free and unlimited automated system transactions.*

"You have unlimited and free deposits into your U.S. ExchangePack."
- No matter what type of transactions you do or how it is performed, all deposits are free of charge, unlimited and do not count towards the transactions in this pack.

"Your savings increase with interest earned daily on the account."
- Interest is based on competitive tiered interest rates.

*For the type of transactions available on this account pack.

Green: Expand/Collapse

"You receive e-Statements each month, free-of-charge."
- e-Statements are the default offering (paper statements available on request with a charge of $2.50).
- A secure archive is available through online banking.

Security: Expand/Collapse

"You can rest assured, knowing your money is safe."
- Deposits fully guaranteed by Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

"You have the added security of taking advantage of favourable exchange rates."
- By opening a U.S. ExchangePack, you can reduce your exchange rate risk.

Additional Information:

Any self-serve or manual transaction* over the package limit - $1.25 each
*For the types of transactions available in this account pack.

Personal Account Pack Options

Who might benefit from this product/ service?

Any member who travels or conducts business in U.S. currency and would like to take advantage of favourable exchange rates and earn competitive interest.


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