Account Packs

Do you perform a little or a lot of transactions each month? Do you want to use electronic options to save you time or just prefer personal service with a person? How often do you use U.S. dollars? Do you like to find ways to save money or be rewarded for your relationship? We'll ask you the right questions to match your lifestyle with an account pack that meets your needs and saves you time and money.


The PowerPack  account pack is chock-full with tons of savings and is perfect for those who want a preferential U.S. exchange rate, over $500 in savings per year, and/ or who perform many transactions. More


The SmartPack  account pack is smart and convenient, since it will automatically adjust between three levels each month based on your account balance and activity. That means you'll always get the best deal every single month, saving you money. Plus, you'll receive free, unlimited deposits (no matter how much or how), which don't count towards your overall transactions. More


The LitePack  account pack is designed for members looking for low costs, minimum transactions and require a paper statement. More

U.S. ExchangePack

The U.S. ExchangePack  account pack is a perfect account for those planning future vacations, visits or purchases with the United States because it allows you to take advantage of favourable U.S. exchange rates. It's accessible and allows you to earn competitive interest, too. More