CEO Message
July 31, 2020

Dear members,

We are finally starting to experience some nice sunny weather after a very damp June and July. Everyone wants to get outside, socialize with family and friends, and simply catch up on 4 months of activities lost due to COVID-19. I get that. I feel like I am missing something too. But given the increased numbers of COVID-19 cases, now more than ever, everyone needs to be vigilant. Together, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by doing little things, repeatedly and well. Always maintain a physical distance of 6 feet, limit the number of contacts you have outside of your household, wash your hands often, stay home when you are not feeling well, and wear a mask when physical distancing may not be possible.

Email communications

I have been asked why Synergy does not communicate more directly with members by email. This is a great question that I put forward to my team. I learned that there are a couple of reasons for this.

The primary reason is with privacy legislation which governs the amount of data we collect from our members and how we can use that data. The second reason is having an e-mail address that is current.

To date, we have taken a very conservative approach in our email communication. As we move forward, considering legislation, and with growing requests from our membership, you may see more frequent and relevant messaging presented in this way.

If we do not have your email address on file, now is a good time to update that. You may have communicated with a member of Team Synergy in the past; however, your email may not have been captured for ongoing general purposes. Therefore, the next time you engage with Team Synergy please ask that your email be updated in our systems. This way you will receive important communications about our activities, educational elements, advice, and system challenges. And as a bonus right now, for every new/updated email address, we are donating $1 to STARS.

As a side note you may be interested in - Members can manage their communication preferences through our website or by calling into the contact centre.

Another way to stay up to date is on our social media channels, where timely information is shared. Facebook and Twitter are our main operational channels for communications. Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are used as well to share the happenings at Synergy.

In closing, know that by sharing your email address, you will also assist Team Synergy during the launch of our new digital branch later this fall. We have designed a new website, mobile app, and online banking platform just for you. Synergy’s new digital banking experience will be simpler, less busy, and more convenient. I am certain you will be pleased with the results. I would love to see your #snapshot featured on Synergy’s new website. Please submit your photos to help decorate our new digital home.

For now, stay safe and take care.

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