Speak to the CEO
July 16, 2020

Dear members,

I am pleased to share that our Marshall and Marsden branches are now open to the public with the same operating hours as all our locations: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday. Due to staffing limitations at Marshall and Marsden, there may be sporadic, unplanned, short-term branch closures to accommodate staff needs. In these instances, a notice will be posted on the door outlining when the branch will reopen. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I feel this approach is the best compromise that meets member and Synergy needs while we continue to work through COVID-19.

Increase in fraud attempts

Our team is noticing more instances of fraud recently. This is not unusual as fraudsters look for every opportunity to find new ways to steal your money or personal information. Please be ever so attentive right now. The Competition Bureau of Canada has published a Little Black Book of Scams to create awareness of typical scams that have occurred in the past. Please share this link with everyone you know to assist in mitigating losses associated with scams (and be sure to let them know ahead of time through conversation or other means, that you are sharing the legitimate link with them, in case they are concerned about its validity).  Nothing would please me more than eradicating losses associated with scams. I would also encourage you and have open discussions with your aging parents and children, so they become informed about potential scams and can better protect themselves.

COVID-19 continues

The beautiful weather, vacation plans and more services opening up have some people dropping their guard, resulting in more cases of COVID-19 being reported. Please continue to eliminate non-essential travel, wash your hands often, maintain a physical distance of six feet and wear a mask when you believe physical distancing will be challenging to maintain. Your proactive actions to protect yourself and others are appreciated by me and everyone you encounter. Thank you for your continued vigilance.

Drop me a note if you have questions or concerns.

Stay safe. Take care

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