CEO Message

August 7, 2020

Dear members,

A member approached me the other day stating he cannot wait until things return to normal. I could not agree more.  Upon reflection, I am not sure anything will be “normal” again.

Soon to be five months living through COVID-19 and knowing that there is no vaccine available soon, I think this is our new normal. I feel that many of us have settled into a new process and routine and are not looking back. But many others have not and are hanging onto threads of the past – hoping for a return to the way we did things before. You see and hear so many of these examples on social media and in the news. My hope is that we can extend new levels of kindness to help each other adjust and embrace our new normal. As Mark Twain shared, “kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Let us all extend a little more kindness this week as we never know what others are going through.

The recent increases in COVID-19 cases continue to reinforce the need for vigilance. Together, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by doing little things, repeatedly and well. Always maintain a physical distance of 6 feet, limit the number of contacts you have outside of your household, wash your hands often, stay home when you are not feeling well, and wear a mask when physical distancing may not be possible.

Thank you for paying attention to these details and protecting my team so that we can always be available to serve you. It is greatly appreciated.

Now is the time to teach our children these simple rules too, to keep themselves safe when they return to school in a few weeks. I know they are looking forward to socializing again with friends. Teaching them these simple steps will bring you peace of mind knowing they know how to protect themselves and your family.

For now, stay safe and take care. And remember, a smile and a hello are two simple things that make people feel great.


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