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March 5, 2021

Dear members,

These are different times and challenging in many ways.  Yet we ought to be grateful for the many blessings we have.  I want to thank you, our members, for your continued vigilance during this pandemic, for your support during our recent outbreak in St Walburg, and for your ongoing patronage.

I would also like to thank our provincial health officials for their oversight and guidance to keep everyone safe, as well as the efforts they are putting into a vaccine rollout plan.  That is one BIG job.

Like many businesses, Synergy continues to navigate through change; always looking at its business model and services to ensure relevance in the marketplace.  Our aim is to be fully competitive in core financial services and advice.

One area Synergy hopes to improve upon soon is its online banking services.  My vision for online banking is to enable members to complete transactions anytime, anywhere.  On March 16th, Synergy will launch its new Digital Branch.  Initially, the new Digital Branch will offer services of similar capability to what is being delivered today.  However, our new Digital Branch enables Synergy to enhance existing services or offer more services faster (and there are several very convenient services upcoming later this year).  I am excited by this opportunity and believe you will be very pleased, too.

You will receive several communications over the next few weeks outlining actions you should take to better prepare yourself for Synergy’s transition to its new Digital Branch.  Please do your best to follow these instructions.  The more prepared you are for the transition, the better your experience will be.  Please feel free to call our local representatives in our Member Contact Center if you need assistance.  I know they would appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

The pandemic has impacted many things we do today, but there one thing that remains constant - people want to deal with people when it involves their money.  Our staff are here and ready to serve you; to provide you with advice on any money topic.  Thank you for your continued patronage.

In closing, thank you for your commitment to putting the health and wellbeing of Team Synergy and fellow members at the forefront.  I appreciate all your efforts.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Glenn Stang

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