Business Mortgages

Owning your own operating facility or office building can be a key strategy to business success - but what's right for you and your business? Synergy's lending specialists will be pleased to work with you to answer that question, with several options to make property ownership the right move for now, and for years to come.

Simplicity Business Mortgage

Want a no-frills mortgage with our best straight-out, up-front rate for your business? You've found it! More

Synergy Open Mortgage

Want more flexibility to pay down your mortgage as quick as possible with no penalties? The Synergy Open Mortgage may be for you.  More

Super Business Mortgage

Want to save thousands of dollars with your commercial mortgage? With the flexibility of the Synergy Super Mortgage, you can purchase land, buildings or do renovations, and take advantage of competitive interest rates and great bonus features. More

Commercial Construction Mortgage

Are you a contractor/developer who needs financing to build some contractor spec homes? Look no further than Synergy Credit Union's affordable and convenient option of the Construction Mortgage to meet all of your needs.  More