Wire Transfers

A quick and convenient service to assist in sending funds to distant points in Canada, the USA, and abroad.

Quick and Convenient: Expand/Collapse

"Your funds sent can be received quickly."

  • US and international wires sent to corresponding banks
  • Automated settlement in Canada and the US

- Cross-field validation to ensure accuracy and completeness

  • Email notification of incoming wires

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"You can rest assured your money will be sent securely."
- All transfers comply with international laws and regulations.
- FINTRAC compliant

Accessibility: Expand/Collapse

"You can send money to anywhere in Canada, and worldwide."
- Wires can be sent within Canada, the USA, and to more than 100 countries around the world in more than 91 different currencies.

Who might benefit from this product/service?

Anyone who needs a quick, convenient and secure option to send funds worldwide.


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