Business Account Packs

Does your business perform a lot of transactions in-branch each month or electronically when it's convenient for you?  Or do you like to pay for what you use? Does your business often use U.S. dollars? Depending on your level and types of transactions of your business, we've got an account pack that meet your needs, makes your life easier and provides you the best deal each month.

SmartPack Biz

Are you a business that performs a combination of transactions and likes to save money at the same time? The SmartPack Biz is so smart it automatically adjusts between 4 levels every month based on your account balance and activity. This means you get the best deal possible each month. Isn't it nice your account pack works for you to save you money? More

PowerPack Biz

The PowerPack Biz is tailored for businesses that perform a high volume of transactions, or want a preferential U.S. exchange rate or discounted cash management services. More

U.S. ExchangePack Biz

The U.S. ExchangePack Biz is a perfect account for businesses who make purchases with the United States because it allows you to take advantage of favourable U.S. exchange rates. It's accessible and allows you to earn competitive interest, too. More

Tendered Chequing Account

A banking option designed to meet the needs of larger tendered account holders such as larger businesses or villages, towns, municipalities, regional health districts, and school divisions. More