Access Accounts

Business is transactions – and transactions can take place in a variety of forms and for a variety of purposes. At Synergy, we have options for every type of business, from locally-focused start-ups with no employees or few employees to large international corporations. Not sure which account pack is right for your operation? We can help you create your ideal business account portfolio.

Account Packs

We know you work hard for your business. Most of our business account packs do the work for you where they automatically adjust to offer you the best deal each month. Plus, you are rewarded for your business and can go green. Depending on your level and types of transactions, there are options to meet your business needs and save you time, money and hassle at the same time. We'd love to help you find the account pack that is right for your business. More


Looking for an account where you can save money for your business and earn interest, too? The SaveDailyPack has just what you need for your business with unlimited deposits, a competitive tiered interest rate, and easy accessibility. Or you can select an high interest savings account – the iSave – earning tiered interest for your savings goals. More