SmartPack Ag

An agriculture business account package that offers a combination of transactions to suit your ag operation needs and will automatically adjust between 4 levels every month (based on your account balance and activity) so your business gets the best deal.

Free: Expand/Collapse

You get free and unlimited internal scheduled system transactions (which are set up in advance and internal)."
- These transactions include:

  • Automatic transfer to another credit union account (investment, loan, savings or chequing).
  • Online banking automatic scheduled transfer (includes loan payment).

"You get free and unlimited INTERAC® e-Transfer transactions."
- Unlimited to send, included in transaction count to receive.

Flexibility: Expand/Collapse

"You receive a combination of transactions to meet your ag business' banking needs."
- Based on your level of account balance and activity, the banking system will move you between 4 levels to give you the best deal.
- Your ag business receives 15, 30, 70 or 150 free transactions in this pack. All additional transactions: $1.25 each.

Definitions of Transactions

Save Time and Money: Expand/Collapse

"You save money because the account automatically adjusts between 4 levels each month to give your business the best deal and reduce your costs overall."

  • The Smart feature automatically adjusts to the right level with the lowest cost each month, based on your activity and balance. You reduce your overages and get the best deal.
  • Pay as low as $10 per month (or $0 with minimum monthly balance waives).

"You can send INTERAC® electronic money transfers for free each month."
- Unlimited to send, included in transaction count to receive.

Rewards: Expand/Collapse

"You can save money with Relationship Rewards at your annual review."
- With your annual business review, you have opportunities to earn more competitive rates on all your products, including your investments or loans, as well as a PowerPack rebate (up to $150 per year), based on your relationship with us and your partners.

"You have ways to get to a $0 monthly price."
- Earn a $0 monthly price with a minimum monthly balance waive.
- With the Smart feature on the SmartPack Ag, you will move to the level that your business qualifies for the $0 monthly price. It will automatically move to the level with the lowest cost for your business.

"You can continue to earn rate rebates and bonuses through ProfitShares on qualifying products."
- ProfitShares are now more accessible where you can get cash back each year (if you are above the ProfitShares limits within that year).
- Earn rate bonuses on non-registered savings/investments and rate rebates on business loans.

Green: Expand/Collapse

"You receive e-Statements each month, free-of-charge."
- e-Statements are the default offering (paper statements are available on request with a $4.00 charge)
- A secure archive is available through online banking. Or, you can easily and quickly search within your transactions on online banking by clicking on the account you would like to search and then entering the specific date range and type of transactions.

Security: Expand/Collapse

"You can rest assured, knowing your money is safe."
- Deposits fully guaranteed by Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.
- All of our convenient banking options have the highest level of security within the industry.

Who might benefit from this product/ service?

Any ag business member looking for a business account pack offering a flexible combination of transactions and wants to save time and money each month.

®Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.


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