Synergy Emerging Leaders

The Synergy Emerging Leaders (SEL) is a cross-organizational committee made up of leaders and potential leaders of Synergy Credit Union who are striving for success.

SEL’s main objective is to foster personal development, grow leadership skills of current employees, and create opportunities through networking with others, encouraging ideas and sharing experiences. 

The SEL Committee was developed by like-minded individuals within Synergy Credit Union to make their credit union a better place for employees, members and the credit union itself. The committee is based on the national and provincial leadership group model, but on a local credit union basis.

The SEL is involved with a number of initiatives, including:

  • A mentorship program that pairs them with leaders within Synergy Credit Union - helping those who have more experience pass on valuable advice.
  • Networking and learning opportunities are provided at conferences and events within Synergy Credit Union and with partners such as the Saskatchewan Young Leaders and local community leaders.
  • Learning opportunities provided through Lunch and Learns.
  • Community involvement including the Synergy Financial Literacy program.

The Synergy Emerging Leaders also partner with the Saskatchewan Young Leaders and the Canadian Credit Union System National Young Leaders Committee.

We asked the current SEL committee to tell us about their experiences:

SEL teamwork

“SEL has helped me build my leadership and public speaking skills. I am given opportunities to plan and attend events I would normally not have any engagement in, including the Financial Literacy Program. I am able to network with peers throughout the organization whom I would not normally cross paths with.”
~Nadine Wilson, SEL Chair

SEL Amanda Leachman
“While I have been on the Synergy Emerging Leadership committee for a few years now, it is exciting to see how we have grown within Synergy Credit Union, and continue to evolve and stay innovative! This allows for many opportunities, allowing me to continue to grow and evolve as well.”
~Amanda Leachman, SEL Vice-Chair
Synergy Emerging Leaders

"Synergy's financial literacy program is fun, interactive and most importantly educational. It's exciting to see students learn new skills essential in everyday life. As a facilitator of the program, I have opportunities to develop leadership and public speaking skills. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!”
~Jenna Wall, SEL Secretary & Financial Literacy Chair

Synergy Emerging Leaders

“The SEL Committee is an avenue to get involved; whether your passion is community involvement, leadership or financial literacy, there’s something for everyone. I’ve grown personally and professionally, it’s given me opportunities I normally wouldn’t have within my role.”
~Tamara Sayer, Financial Literacy Vice-Chair

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